Treetops Findon prides itself on being a warm and friendly experience for not only the children, but also the families who enter the centre.

We aim to satisfy the needs of both you and your child while in our care. We encourage an open door policy which allows parents the opportunity to “stay and play” if they wish. Visually stimulating colours and our children’s art work is displayed around the centre to help create a rich a colourful environment for the children to learn and play. Experiences on offer for children are as endless as your child’s imagination. We provide and embrace all multicultural diversities. A “quiet area” in each of the rooms is available for children to sit and have some time, reading books or relaxing. The staff team here at Findon share a commitment to provide quality care to children which is nurturing and supportive. The centre caters for 74 children, divided into 3 rooms ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years.

Infants - Our Nursery room has 2 separate indoor areas, one designed for children who are mobile and the other side for children who are not yet mobile. This is put into place in order for the younger babies to have safety while enjoying such things as tummy time. We have three separate cot rooms which are all individually heated and cooled to cater to the children’s individual needs which may vary. The room is equipped with a variety of developmentally appropriate toys to meet children’s interests.

Toddlers – The move from the Nursery room to the Toddlers room is an exciting time. All types of experiences are on offer in the Toddlers room including arts and creativity, imaginary play, outdoor play, singing and dancing. You’ll be amazed how quickly your walls and fridges at home will be filled with your child’s masterpieces.

Kindy – Preparing children for school is a large focus in the Kindy room. Children in this room work hard on learning such things as writing their names, the alphabet and numbers. Children practice problem solving and effective communication skills.

Each of the three rooms have programs based on the National Early Years Framework, and the centre operates under the National Standards. Team leaders observe and plan appropriate experiences for each age group.