Treetops Early Learning Centres are purpose built childcare centres catering for ages six weeks to school age

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Exceeding national standards

Treetops Stepney - Wattle House has proudly received an Exceeding rating under the National Quality Standards! The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a national benchmark for the quality of children’s education and care services across Australia.

Stepney ELC / Childcare Centre - Banksia House

Stepney ELC / Childcare Centre - Banksia House Centre

Treetops Stepney Banksia House opened in September 2007. At our purpose built ELC we offer child care for children from 6 weeks to 3 years in an environment that caters to the developmental needs of babies and toddlers.

Chris Tapp

CENTRE DIRECTOR - T. 08 8362 0899
Stepney Banksia House Child Care / ELC

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Stepney ELC / Childcare Centre - Wattle House

Stepney ELC / Childcare Centre  - Wattle House Centre

Treetops Stepney Wattle House is located directly next to our original Stepney Child Care Centre. This centre has been designed specifically for 3 – 6 year olds. Our child care centre is driven by educators that have a passion for Early Years Education.

Chelsey Pace

CENTRE DIRECTOR - T. 08 8100 3990
Stepney Wattle House Child Care / ELC

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Findon ELC / Childcare Centre

Findon ELC / Childcare Centre  Centre

Treetops Findon prides itself on being a warm and friendly experience for children and families who enter the child care centre. We aim to satisfy the needs of you and your child while in our care. We encourage an open door policy allowing parents to "stay and play".

Karen Buckley

CENTRE DIRECTOR - T. 08 8244 4699
Findon Child Care / ELC

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Hillcrest ELC / Childcare Centre

Hillcrest ELC / Childcare Centre  Centre

Treetops Hillcrest aims to ensure your child's safety and developmental needs are being met at all times. We have two large, colourful, secure playgrounds outside and inside four large, colourful and fully air-conditioned rooms which cater for care of children aged from birth to 5 years.

Shaa Nelson

CENTRE DIRECTOR - T. 08 8261 1788
Hillcrest Child Care / ELC

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At Treetops Early Learning Marleston Centre we are committed to providing the highest quality long day care to the children at our centre. We have a strong focus on each child’s social and psychological development as well as providing the best in early education, for children from 6 weeks to preschool.

Tayla Niven

CENTRE DIRECTOR - T. 08 8100 3950
Marleston Child Care / ELC

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About Us

Welcome to Treetops Early Learning Centres, purpose built child care centres catering for children aged from six weeks to school age. We are open 52 weeks of the year, including during school holidays.

Our centres are designed with children's care, education and comfort in mind. There are large, well equipped indoor play areas with storage lockers for your child's belongings, well appointed bathroom areas for those children that are toilet trained, with access to these from either indoors or outdoors.

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Treetops provides our children a caring and nurturing environment in which they continue to learn and grow as individuals. The Treetops staff are patient, friendly and approachable. We highly recommend this facility as it offers the greatest care for your children.

Treetops Parent

When modern life requires both parents to work, it is a great comfort to know that when your child is sad someone will wipe their tears and give them a cuddle. It is also reassuring to know there is someone to share in your child’s excitement for learning with praise and encouragement.

Treetops Parent

My experience with Treetops for the past 5 .5 years has been one of a nurturing, caring and educational environment in which to leave my children. It is always lovely to leave my children with such professional and friendly staff, who have made my children feel like they are the most special children in the centre and provide me with peace of mind whilst I’m at work.

Treetops Parent

I have peace of mind dropping my children off to Treetops in the morning , knowing that they are receiving the support, love and care they need during the day to help them grow into well-rounded young little people! I cannot thank the Staff enough for their time and effort that they put into making Treetops a wonderful place for our children. I would highly recommend Treetops to anyone!

Treetops Parent

Both my children have been attending the Treetops centre since they were 7 months and 3 months old. As parents both requiring to work full time, and with older family members still in the workforce we are faced with the need to put our children in full time care. That important decision was made a lot easier for us when deciding upon Treetops. The centre is very clean, the staff members are all very capable, friendly and accommodating, the meals are nutritious and the staff provide a lot of support in learning and play with both the children and have knowledge, expectations and appropriate actions with children’s behaviour. The children look forward to going to Treetops everyday to see her friends and learn new things!

Treetops Parent