At Treetops Early Learning Marleston Centre we are committed to providing the highest quality long day care to the children at our centre. We have a strong focus on each child’s social and psychological development as well as providing the best in early education, for children from 6 weeks to preschool. Children are unique and capable individuals, who come to our service with their own interests, talents, skills, and ideas.

Our curriculum is based on the National Early Years Framework which emphasises learning through play and recognises that play is an ideal learning vehicle. It has been designed to provide young children with learning opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a strong foundation for their future success.

Our educators guide play in our carefully designed indoor and outdoor environments, understanding that each child has different interests and will all learn at different paces.

We acknowledge that family is the most important and influential aspect in the lives of young children and the significance of their relationship cannot be underestimated.We aim to ensure we involve parents and families into all aspects of the centre’s programs and special occasions. This is done through our open door policy and our educators’ dedication to understanding our centre families.